Trend Alert: Neo-Survivalism

“In 2010, survivalism will go mainstream.  Unemployed or fearing it, foreclosed or nearing it, pensions lost and savings gone, all sorts of folk who once believed in the system have lost their faith. 

Motivated not by worst-case scenario fears but by do-or-die necessity, the new non-believers, unwilling to go under or live on the streets, will devise ingenious stratagems to beat the system, get off the grid (as much as possible), and stay under the radar……” *

I purchased a 3-month supply of freeze dried food, guaranteed to last for 25 years, through Daily Bread.   May sound a little crazy but hey, I really do have peace of mind knowing that if there is a food shortage—for whatever reason—our family has a back-up plan.  You can learn more by calling Rex Willis at 480.444.6429.

Also, think about ways you might be able to capitalize on this growing trend.  Can you see an idea for a successful home business based on this trend?


* That’s according to the Trends Research Institute

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