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making-money-from-home In tough economic times, conventional jobs can be hard to find. A home-based business could be the answer for many people. Making Money from Home provides readers with the tools they need to run a successful home business, such as time management advice, details on the foundations of a solid business, tips on marketing goods and services, legal issues to consider, and information on how to use the Internet effectively.  Topics covered:

Creating a blog
Using Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and more
Ebay and online flea markets
Ebooks and other information products
Affiliate and article marketing
Direct Selling success secrets
So much more

The book is getting rave reviews:

“If you’re serious about wanting to make money at home, you won’t find a better guide than Partow’s newest home-based business book. The personal creator of a dozen different income sources, Partow writes primarily for married women of faith who still have children at home. However, the design of the book is such that men and women at all stages of life can benefit from this step-by-step guide to making money at home in a global economy. At the end of each chapter are questions that will clarify issues and determine the direction of your business. There are also assignments that will enable you to lay a business foundation in bite-size chunks. The book is full of practical ideas like the innovative ABC filing system. It simplifies techniques so you can stay on the cutting edge of the technology and opportunities that will keep your business growing.”  – Christian Booksellers Association

Wow!  I hope you’ll get started today. And be sure to check out the companion eclass, featuring 8 solid hours of teaching based on my 21 years of experience.  Taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.  The Home Business Success Coaching Program is a power-packed program that really brings the book’s concepts to life.

Online Class Synopsis:


  • Choosing the Right Business
  • Secrets of Successful Self-Management
  • Social media marketing
  • Creating Information Products that sell
  • Finding Seed to Sow (Creating Fast Cash)

Online Class and Book: $37.00

Online Class Only: $27.00

Book Only: $13.99

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