Mentoring With Donna

Now available, on a strictly limited basis: Mentoring with Donna. You can use the “Book Now” button to schedule a time for me to help present our amazing business opportunity to your prospective team member.  You must pre-qualify your prospective team member by having them watch one of our business videos.  You will need to have a copy of our Team GamePlan in front of you, as well.  This Book Now feature is only available for 3-way calls with pre-qualified potential team members.   For information on pre-qualification process (if you are unclear), please email noting “Pre-Qualification” in the subject line.

Be sure to fill in complete details on your schedule request including your name,the name of your prospect and the product you want me to emphasize.

This service is ONLY available to members of my direct selling team.  Just click the “Book Now” button below:

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