Is MLM a Scam?

That’s a question on a lot of people’s minds when they hear about the direct sales/MLM industry.  Is it a scam…or not?

These excellent Youtube videos feature the teachings of Tim Sales, who I consider one of the top trainers in the direct sales industry.  He has an incredible way of taking complicated issues…and making them simple.

And let’s face it, when you’re searching for work at home for moms, you don’t want anything complicated.  You’ve got enough on your plate already.

Direct sales/MLM isn’t right for everyone.  You will certainly face your share of rejection and criticism.  But these videos can help you discover the serious advantages offered by MLMs and direct sales companies for moms working from home.

I hope you enjoy them!  If you do, remember to stop by my Facebook Page and share with me what you’ve learned.  I’d love to encourage you on your journey as a WAHM.  It’s so worth it !

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