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I’m pleased to announce that efusjon has attracted two of the top leaders in the direct sales industry.  Jeff Peltin and Mark Skovron are multi-millionaires with more than 20 years experience.  They are on a mission to create six and seven-figure earners in the Efusjon Energy Club.  They have arrived at just the right time in the history of this young company and I believe will be a tremendous blessing to all of us.

I had a lovely conversation with Jeff while in Tampa and he has graciously offered to give our team, The Freedom Team, full access to all of his wonderful training resources.


1.  Tune in to their weekly training on Monday nights at 9pmET  712-432-0075 pin 167486#   You can listen to this week’s call here:


The only thing I disagree with is their contention that THEY will have the #1 team in Efusjon..  WE will have the #1 team…in fact, I’m pretty sure we already do !!!

2.  Enjoy their 30-minute Introductory video


3.  Put this on speed-dial on your phone: 727-521-7288.  It’s a 4-minute “sizzle call” designed to peak someone’s interest.  If you are talking with a friend, just 3-way into this sizzle call!  (You HAVE figured out how to do a 3-way call, right?)  Or if you with them in person, pick up their cellphone and dial in for them!


4.  Check out their Business Building Form.  It’s a different approach than we have taken, but that’s absolutely okay!  Be open to learning constantly until you find what works for you!

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