Direct Sales Training

Following is 7 hours of training on how to succeed in the Direct Sales Industry.  (I am aware that the numbering system below does not correspond to the numbering system on the audios.  The first three weeks did not “make the cut” to be included in this class!)

Session 1: How to Sell without Selling: The Power of Your Story

Sell without Selling

Session 2: Contacting Your List

Contacting Your List

Session 3: Know Your Stuff: The Place of Scripts and 3-Way Calls

Scripts and 3 way calls

Session 4: Closing Skills
Closing the Sale Means Open For Business

Session 5: Successful Events for Your Home Business

Successful Events 

Session 6: Building Your Direct Sales Team

Building Your Direct Sales Team

Session 7: How to Work Less and Earn More: The Power of Duplication

Power of Duplication

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