Common Objections

Common Objections

– a perspective from Tim Sales

There are common network marketing objections that just keep coming up and at some point, you will have to handle them just like the rest of us! Don’t fight them – learn how to deal with them.

Even when you know you are doing everything right and you are inviting your MLM prospects in the right way, there are four objections that you will get in network marketing. However, I can assure you that if you invite your prospects in the wrong way, you will undoubtedly get a heck of a lot more objections than that to deal with.

The most common network marketing objection that you’re going to get, and you’re going to get this about 90 percent of the time, is the question, “What is it?”

Don’t ever be surprised by this objection because let me tell you, you’re doing something wrong if you don’t get the question, “What is it?”  So when I say 90 percent of the time, what I mean is: about 10 percent of the time, I have failed to connect or the person hangs up on me. So it’s only when I’m successful that I get, “What is it?”

That means that I’ve actually generated an interest.  They’re actually reaching for what it is that I’m offering, and you want that. We all want that!

The next objection you’re likely to get probably about 60 percent of the time, and that is “I’m too busy.”  I used to get this a lot more often than I do now, and it’s because I really learned what was going on in this one.

Where you will get it is if you’re talking to, let’s say, a warm market prospect who, in their mind, and please hear me on that one, in their mind, they see you as below them on some kind of hierarchical scale.  They see themselves above you or something like that, or they are just plain rude. You wouldn’t ever find me saying, “I’m too busy” to somebody, because that invalidates the person you’re conversing with. It’s the same reason I don’t show up late to places, because that’s like saying, “My time is more important than your time.”  So you have to recognize when somebody says that, and by the way, it does you no good to worry about that.

People put all kinds of obstructions in front of themselves that prevent them from succeeding. If they were capable of doing a particular thing, they would have done it already.  So someone who pretends and acts as if they’re so busy, and doesn’t have enough time and things like that, they’ve created a barrier, an obstacle that somebody throws out in front of themselves.  So what you need to do is be the intelligent one who can look at just what it is that the prospect is really having a problem with.

There’s one other time or one other case that I have found where people use this, “I’m too busy” excuse, and then they say things that are illogical.  That is when they don’t want to work with me. Some of you might get a little upset about that, but I don’t because I know how many MLM prospects there are out there.  It just does not concern me whatsoever that somebody doesn’t want to work with me. Don’t let it bother you, either. Just think about it from the standpoint of teammates.  If you want to be their teammate, you want to help them get what they need and want out of life.  But in this case they will have determined that you’re not the teammate that they want.

The next objection is a monster, and that one is, “Is this MLM?”

For somebody to ask that question, normally, they have had experience in network marketing or they have looked at network marketing before, and have decided not to experience it.  So you’re basically talking about somebody who has a variable amount of information.  In other words, you don’t know how much it is, and that’s the problem.  You don’t know if they got one little tiny-five minute introduction, and you don’t know if they have been in the network marketing business for ten years and the company they were in went under.  You don’t know, so that variable information is the part that is difficult.  That’s the first thing that you’ve got to handle. You’ve got to find out how much or how little information that person has about the MLM industry.

Don’t be tempted to sidestep this one or, worse, try and mislead the prospect. Your success depends on the relationships you build, your openness, and your willingness to help others. So, instead of trying to avoid the question, find out and clarify it with, “Hey, could you clarify what you mean by MLM?”  If they say, “Network marketing,” say, “Could you just clarify what it is that you mean by network marketing?” and listen to them. You listen to everything that they say because what they’re giving you is what you need to know in order to help them get past this block.

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What Causes Objections in the First Place

by Tim Sales

I am going to share with you the background as to why and how the winning formulas came about, and how they contribute to my MLM business success.

The reason I’m giving this to you is because you may be getting an objection that I don’t get. I’m going to give you the key phrases to avoid, the phrases I had problems with at the start. I can say that now I get very few MLM objections. That’s because I use the entire formula that I’ve been sharing with you throughout these network marketing training articles.

The Inviting Formula

  • Greet your prospect
  • Qualify your prospect
  • Invite your prospect
  • Handle questions and objections
  • Close to action

So, greeting properly, qualifying effectively and the way that I invite – the specific way that I invite – all lead to a positive outcome.  The reason that I do what I do is because of all the objections that I used to get.  When I first started, I would call people up and immediately get an objection.  Then I would run around, and I would have a tape recorder underneath my arm, and I would ask people who were successful, “Hey, how did you get that?  How do you answer when somebody says, ‘I don’t have time’?  How do you do this?  How do you do that?”  They would give me how they handled that objection.  Then I would go back and I would try what they said, and sometimes I had success at solving that and sometimes I didn’t.  So then I decided that maybe I was having something to do with the objection because I seemed to get it at the same time.

So, I would make contact and as soon as the prospect started to talk, I would almost grit my teeth and hold my breath because I could tell what they were going to come out with. They were going to say, “Is this one of those pyramids?”  So I thought, maybe I’m saying something that is actually causing that.  You know what?  I changed what I was saying, and it became clear that that was absolutely what had been going on.  I was causing the objections.

Here are some phrases that I had a problem with, that I identified as being absolute no-no’s.  They actually created objections.

When you present your MLM business, any discussion which includes monthly income should be avoided.  In fact, any income discussions almost always generated, “Is this one of those pyramids?” or “Is this MLM?”  So, I recommend that you never use that.

Another no-no: don’t ever say the words, “I recently became involved.”  When they hear that one, your prospect is not quite sure whether you’re trying to switch their religion or if you’re trying to get them into a network marketing company, but you always are going to get objections right there.

Remember. People do not do things for your reasons. You need to learn to be on their wavelength. You only have to be interested in them.

I don’t like phrases that start with “I want you to…” Instead, think in terms of “You would benefit from…”  “You perhaps would benefit from…”  “Would there be any reason to…”  “Perhaps if you knew _____,” and avoid even thinking in terms of “I, I, I, me.”

Also avoid “new business opportunity.”  I do not use the word “opportunity” anywhere in my conversations because I have found that it just reeks of, “Is this MLM?”  “Is this like Amway?  Is this like Mary Kay?” Those are the questions that I typically get when I say “business opportunity.”  So I don’t say that anymore.

So these are some of the phrases that actually generate network marketing objections. And, even with the best will in the world, you are going to get objections, so you’d better get really good at handling them…

The Handling Objections Formula

  • Listen Completely Through the Objection.
  • Confirm the Understanding
  • Validate the Objection (never agree with it)
  • Handle It
  • Conclude and Return to the point at which the objection was raised.

I’ve given you a little bit of the background, so that if you get objections you may also benefit from knowing how I am able to come up with and create good solid scripts that work. You tally them, and you figure out what it is that commonly causes people to object or to ask questions.  Then you try to work things around that to solve that problem.  Then, at some point, you may have to just realize: okay, you know what?  That’s just a common network marketing objection– but the other ones you’re able to prevent.

5 Steps to Handling Common Objections

It is safe to say that no matter how well prepared we are, when we go through the process of inviting prospects to look at our network marketing business, we will have to deal with questions and objections. There are just common questions that are pretty much always going to come up, and common objections.  Every once in a while, you’ll get one that comes out of left field that you’ve never heard of.  Those are okay because if you fully know how to handle objections, then it doesn’t matter what comes your way.  You’ll be able to handle it professionally.  You might not be able to give the prospect the correct answer right away, but of course, you can say, “I’ll get that answer for you.”

When presented with an MLM, business-related or even a personal objection, the clearer you are as to what the objection is and why it has been made, the more likely you will be able to handle it.

That reveals the clue to the first step in handling objections successfully.

Listen Completely Through the Question or Objection.

You want to listen completely through the question or objection.  Okay, that makes sense because you don’t want to be handling the wrong objection.  The other reason that you do this is you want to really let that prospect know that you are listening to them and that what they are saying is important.  A lot of the time if they see that you are fully listening to them and you listen all the way through the objection, and don’t take one or two words as kind of a springboard for you to fire in there and interrupt them because you know what they’re going to say, they are more than ready to listen to you, when they’re finished.

Confirm the Understanding.

What that means is that you’re just going to repeat back what you think they said, what you think they meant. That way, you and the business prospect you are talking with have the same picture in your minds. If any part has been missed or misunderstood, this is the time to seek clarification until both of you agree. So that’s what you want to make sure that you’re doing at this step, confirming understanding.

Validate the Question or Objection.

Make the question or objection valid with the same or slightly less intensity, but you should never agree with the objection. When you agree with an objection, you’re basically giving it more strength, giving it more weight.  This may well make it far more difficult for you to handle, and I am sure that’s not what you want to do.

Of course, you want to make it important because it’s important to the MLM prospect, but you want to do so with a little bit less intensity.

Handle It!

It might be a straightforward answer.  There might be something that you need to do.  For example, the prospect’s objection might be, “Well, you know what, I need to talk to my wife about this,” or “I need to have my spouse come here,” or something similar to that.  So if that’s the situation, then you handle it right then and there.  It also could be that you’re going to facilitate handling it.  That is, you’re going to be like a team-mate to this prospect and get creative at getting them creative, so they end up handling their own objection.

When you can get creative at helping them get creative, they solve their own problems.  The reason being is because if you say something, it can be tested or challenged, but if they say it, it must be true.  So, the brilliant people are really the ones that are able to facilitate handling the question or objection.

Conclude and Return

This is most important. When you complete or conclude handling the question or objection, return exactly to the point where you were when the objection was raised. So, for example, if you were building a clear picture of the prospect’s needs and wants, and you felt that you needed to find out more before you could invite them to look at your network marketing business, it is imperative that you return to that point in your interaction with the prospect.

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