Weekly Evaluation Worksheet

It’s important to write out your goals and review them frequently.  Sunday is a particularly good day to reflect upon the prior week and evaluate how your time and energy were spent in relation to your goals.

Weekly Evaluation Worksheet

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Time Inventory

For one week carry this chart with you and jot down how you spend the better part of each half hour (e.g., watching TV, talking on the phone, washing dishes, etc).  But don’t suddenly spend two hours in prayer just to make yourself look good!

Time Inventory Worksheet

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Internet Tools

Here are some great tools on the internet that can help you getting your new business off the ground.

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Social Networking

Viral Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking; what does it all mean?

There are so many different types of alternative forms of online marketing now, it is hard to keep them all straight.  It is even harder to figure out which is right for you.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is simply taking your favorite web links and making them public for all to share.  The added benefit is that you can find all your bookmarks in one place if you are using somebody else’s computer.  How does this help from a marketing front?  Social Bookmarking would fall under the “every little bit helps” category.

Users searching the web can stumble onto your bookmarks and decide to explore them.  There is a side benefit of generating back-links to your site, but that is conversation for another day.

Social Networking

Social Networks are websites that allow users to interact with each other, so instead of every user being a passive “reader” – each user is an active “participant” of the shared ideas.  The most famous Social Networking website is probably Facebook.  Facebook allows its users to share photos, video, messages, links and much more.  But there is a catch, only your “friends” can view what you are posting, so in a sense, you are only reaching the people you know already.

I would say that is the first mistake small business owners make when marketing via a social network, they don’t take into account who can actually view their offer.

My favorite social network is YouTube.  YouTube is a social network for people who enjoy video.  You can leverage this social network by generating your own videos to reach them.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a loose term that just means you are going to market your product using your users as hosts to your message (virus).  Viral Marketing can be done via social bookmarking or social networking.


I would say the biggest and most effective form of social networking currently is YouTube.  It is popular, video is powerful, and not just  your “friends” can watch what you are posting.  Start making videos for you business today!

Practical Plan


  1. Set up accounts on ping.fm (this will take time but be diligent)
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter (microblog)
    3. Digg (social bookmarking)
    4. Others
  2. Post on  Facebook at least once a day
  3. Begin 6 twitter posts a day (5 generic, 1 related to your business)
  4. Wish all your friends on Facebook a happy birthday with a personal touch
  5. Digg an article a day related to your topic and connect it with facebook
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Third Party Analysis

Remember that something that comes easy to you might be a struggle for others.  It is in those “easy” items that great businesses are born.

To help you discover potential business opportunities ask 5 people that know you really well to fill out this “Third Party Analysis” worksheet.

Download Third Party Analysis

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Business Plan

Below are a couple sample business plans.

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Emotions are contagious.

People buy based on emotions.

Can you see where I’m going with this?  If YOU are not in a good place emotionally—if you are feeling down, discouraged, defeated—people will “catch” that.  Will they want to buy your product or service?  Of course not! 

People buy based on emotions—they buy because they believe something will make them happy or improve their life in some way.We buy on emotions then justify with logic. 

That’s why it is absolutely vital to your home based business success that you keep careful watch over your emotions.  You need to be pro-active about staying uplifted.

Here are some practical ideas:

1. Spend time listening to worship music every morning.  Make sure it’s uplifting and upbeat.

2.  Go for a daily walk early in the day.  Get your body in motion.  Get the adrenaline pumping.

3.  Load your ipod with uplifting, motivational teaching from people like Dani Johnson , Lance Walnau and other Christian business trainers.  Use your daily walk to get fired up about being God’s business woman!

3.  Surround yourself with positive people.  You may not be able to completely avoid the nay-sayers and critics, especially if you live with them!  But you can be pro-active about connecting with people who lift you up; who believe in you and your home business.  Make a list of these people!  Pick up the phone.  Schedule a meeting.  Whatever it takes. 

4.  Energy breeds energy.  The basic laws of thermodynamics that rule the entire universe apply to your home business, too.  A body at rest tends to stay at rest; a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Procrastination is the kiss of death for a home business owner.  Do something for your business every day.  Work specific hours.  Keep moving forward.  Do not allow yourself to work “only when you feel like it” – be a professional and get moving. 

5.  Take massive action.  The more activity you generate, the more likely you’ll be to secure some victories.  Don’t make one sales call and quit for the day.  Set a goal to make 10 calls daily.  Then if 1 person says “No” it’s not a big deal. You have 10 more calls to make

My favorite uplifting teachers are:

Lance Wallnau: www.lancelearning.com 

Dani Johnson: www.danijohnson.com

Joyce Meyer  www.joycemeyer.org

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Success Coach

Do You Need A Success Coach?

If you have goals you’ve not yet achieved or dreams left unfulfilled, a success coach might just be the answer. When one of my best friends hired a success coach, it seemed like a crazy idea. What a waste of money, I thought to myself. But when her real estate business went through the roof, in the middle of a recession, I had to reconsider my initial bias.

Many of us tend to be penny wise and pound foolish. If investing in a coach can make us more effective, more productive, then the return on investment (ROI) might be very high indeed. For $125 a month, I began meeting with her success coach. He put me in touch with a consumer advocate who recognized that my mortgage was an unethical ‘neg am’ loan. I had never even heard of such a thing and would not have known I had any recourse—but my success coach knew all about it. This one connection will save me tens of thousands of dollars over the next 20 years. That right there justifies keeping this success coach around for years to come!

My success coach helped me create a life plan. I went to him hoping to develop strategies for earning more money. He quickly identified my relationship with my young teenager as my real priority and we channeled my efforts there. “Nothing will cost you more in the long term than neglecting your vital family relationships,” he explained. “People neglect their kids who end up in $40,000 drug treatment programs.” Penny wise. Pound foolish. He immediately cut my daily working hours in half. Then we identified those critical few things I could do that would bring the highest ROI of my time.

You should also know that many “upline sponsors” in direct selling companies will offer free coaching to their downline team. Why? Because increasing the bottomline of those on their team increases their own bottomline. Leaders understand ROI – isn’t it time you did?

What do Success Coaches offer:

Resources – Coaches bring resources that you may not have or may not have thought of, because they have so many connections in various fields. As in the case of my coach, who was able to connect me with a consumer advocate. He also bought me the best relationship book I’ve ever read—an obscure book I never, ever would have found on my own!

Accountability – Your success coach has a vested interest in your success. He or she recognizes that if you do not get a great ROI, you will fire them! It will hurt her pocketbook and his reputation. So your coach will hold you accountable to specific goals and timeframes. For me, just knowing that I am paying someone $125 to help me set and achieve my goals, motivates me to actually achieve them. Again, this may sound like a “waste” of money. But we need to think ROI.

Think of sports teams. The fact that they are accountable to one another and most of all, to the coach everyone wants to please, is what drives their success. When you work from home, especially if you are in a solo business, the accountability a success coach can bring is truly priceless.

Fresh Perspective – When you work from home, it’s easy to lose perspective. You get locked into one way of seeing and doing things. You don’t have co-workers to bounce ideas off of and your isolation becomes a trap. Or you get caught up in the small stuff, the busy work that’s easy to do and avoid the big intimidating stuff like calling on prospective clients.

Motivation – Having worked at home successfully for 20 years, I can tell you one of the toughest things is staying self-motivated. The truth is, working from home can sometimes be very lonely. It’s easy to let loneliness deteriorate into lackadaisical.

Unless you have a specific outside deadline, it’s hard to find the motivation to stay on task. This is the #1 thing my success coach has helped me with! I’m motivated to accomplish specific tasks before my monthly meeting. When we meet, we set out my goals and strategy to achieve them. Then I’m motivated because I know my coach will applaud for me and acknowledge my accomplishments. Then he’ll help me stay motivated to set and achieve new goals for the coming month.

Some of my favorite coaches include:

Kimber King – coaches her Isagenix clients for free; provides paid coaching for those outside her business. www.kimberking.com

Susan Sly – Provides free coaching for Isagenix distributors on a daily call that is incredibly inspirational. Highly, highly recommended. She also provides paid coaching for non-Isagenix clients. www.stepintoyourpower.com

Dani Johnson – one of the top MLM trainers in the country provides paid coaching. www.danijohnson.com

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I have created a Mastermind Group on Facebook where aspiring and established home based business women can exchange ideas openly.  This is NOT a forum to promote any particular business and those who engage in selling or recruiting will be warned once, then removed from the group. 


Here’s a helpful website on Forming Mastermind Groups of your own. These tips will also help us as we interact together on the Facebook group.

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My mission is to develop as many success stories as I possibly can! In this current economy, there has never been a better time to start a home-based business.  You can benefit from my 20 years experience of successfully working from home.  The LIVE class has been completed but all training is now available to you as an eclass!  Eight hours of intensive teaching on everything from Choosing the Right Business and Creating a Blog to Developing Information Products and Social Media Marketing.

Although you have the freedom to launch any business you want, you will also have the opportunity to create a cash-flow business in partnership with me. This may or may not become your ultimate dream business. It may just be a stepping stone, but the skills you develop will stay with you for life and can be transferred to any future endeavor.    Complete your application today and someone from my team will contact you about getting started right away.


If you are interested in being considered, please complete the application below and mail to info@donnapartow.com

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Phone #

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4. What weaknesses will you need to overcome?

5. The key to success in a home-based business is a strong “why to” – a powerful internal motivation that keeps you going when the hours are long and the profit is still small. WHY do you want to work from home?

6. How much would you like to earn each month?

7. Are you prepared to set and stick to specific working hours each week? If so, how many days per week and hours per day can you invest?

8. How much money are you prepared to invest in launching your own business?

9. Are you prepared to make a six-month commitment to the coaching program and to your home-based business?

10. If your home-based business were to succeed beyond your wildest imagination, what are some things you might want to do with the income? (In other words, beyond paying your bills and taking care of your immediate family–is there a cause greater than yourself that you might want to be part of? If so, describe.)

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