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You can now Earn While You Learn…and help others do the same.  And it’s so easy, anyone can do it.  Earn While You Learn by referring others to The Home Business Apprenticeship through our fully automated Affiliate Program.  You can get started earning income right away.  In fact, I will pay you HALF of the income generated on every enrollment in the Apprenticeship Program.

The program includes:

  • Email templates, pre-coded with your customized url link.  Send out the email, if they click and order, you get paid.
  • Links you can post on twitter, facebook, your blog, you name it.  Again, they click; you get paid.
  • Text ads you can place on the internet — go ahead and launch a ppc campaign or buy google ads, etc.
  • Banner ads

To get started, Enroll in the Affiliate Program, then follow the instructions to log in.  Pick up your customized email, links, text ads, etc and start earning money.  This mp3 gives you an overview of how the program works.

This program is worth thousands of dollars.  As a comparison point, one prominent internet marketer has a similar program priced at $18,000 per MONTH with a one-year commitment required. Another popular direct sales trainer offers a program, again with a one-year commitment required, priced at  more than $5,000.

The Home Business Apprenticeship is worth thousands of dollars and was originally priced at $249.

During this introductory period, I am offering it for the ridiculous price of $97 for the Silver Tier (8-week online program).  Or registrants can upgrade to the Gold Tier if they want to be part of our coaching program (with weekly mentoring call and accountability opportunity), the cost is still only $197.

When you consider that 35,000 people go on the internet every day, looking for a legitimate way to earn money from home and instead get bombarded with internet scams and get-rich-quick schemes, it should be obvious that the earnings potential here is tremendous.

So enroll right away and begin spreading the word.  Earn While You Learn…with The Home Business Apprenticeship.

To Your Success

Donna Partow

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