Building a Successful Direct Sales Team

Here are some powerful tools to help you build a successful Direct Sales team.  This one-hour program was originally recorded as part of the Advanced Home Business Success Coaching Program. 


1. Choose your team members wisely. Stop desperately trying to sell your products and start interviewing, as if you are an Executive Recruiter. If you were hiring for a traditional business, and the payroll was out of your own pocket, would you hire the person you are trying to recruit?

2. Recruitment drives build momentum on your team and enable you to conduct more efficient group training.

3. Help people get paid quickly, so they are encouraged to press on in building their business.

4. Find out who your team members are. Determine their personality types, along with their priorities, goals and commitment level. Take time to conduct New Team Member Orientation Interviews.

5. Host team events, including a weekly conference call for out-of-state team members. Team events should FIRE people up:

Fun – upbeat music, socializing
Inspiration – success stories
Recognition – set specific targets; honor achievement
Education – provide constant training

6. Help team members establish a Daily Method of Operation. What do people need to do each day to achieve their annual goals?

7. Let your team members shine. Identify and acknowledge strengths. Catch people doing something right and celebrate them publicly.

8. Direct Sales is a business of duplication. What do you want to duplicate? Ask yourself: How would my business be doing if everyone on my team was doing what I’m doing?

9. Be real and realistic. Avoid hype. Under-promise and over-deliver.

10. Make a long-term commitment to daily actions. Put it in writing and share it with your team

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