Another great review of Making Money From Home


Donna Partow is home business extraordinaire having been “in the business” of home business ownership for over 20 years. Partow’s newest book, Making Money from Home, successfully guarantees readers will come away from this solid resource knowing how to run a successful home-based business (see Partow’s subtitle). Throughout this comprehensive how-to (and when fitting “what not to-do”) handbook, Partow guides potential and already set-up home business entrepreneurs through the paces of getting started to becoming more efficient, effective, and ever-ready for taking their business to the next level.

With lots of encouraging words and positive challenge steps, Partow not only provide the nuts and bolts of business ownership, she exudes a “can-do” attitude that is contagious. Readers will find themselves being educated, motivated, and armed with a bevy of practical resources to make good fiscal choices based on the ever-changing media, economic, and social marketplace.

Partow’s book is both timely in its up to the minute analysis of the present business world and timeless in its principles for making wise, careful, and prudent decisions over a lifetime.   — Reviewed by Michele Howe

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