6 Areas You Must Develop for Home Business Success

Your success in a home business will follow your Personal Development.  There are at least six areas you need to learn and grow in.  They include:

  1. Product knowledge – Learn all you can, not only about the products you personally sell, but about your industry as a whole.
  2. Booking skills – If your company has a party plan, you must learn the skills required to book in-home events.  Booking skills also include the ability to book phone appointments and one-on-one (or two-on-one) meetings with prospective customers.
  3. Sales techniques – People constantly ask me if it’s possible to succeed in a home business without doing any selling.  My answer is an unequivocal “NO.”  You absolutely, positively must be able to sell at least one “product.”  That product is YOU.  Sales skills are the lifeblood of any home business.
  4. Recruiting – If you choose to join a direct sales or network marketing business, in addition to selling yourself and your product, you’ll have to learn recruiting skills.  Recruiting is more than finding customers; recruiting is finding business partners.  It is an art and a science that requires even greater personal development and more refined skills than selling.  I highly recommend training from Susan Sly at www.stepintoyourpower.com and Dani Johnson at www.danijohnson.comipad manual

  • Leadership – Everyone in business needs to develop leadership skills.  This is especially true if your business involves working with a team.  John Maxwell has excellent leadership development materials including books, CDs, DVDs and live events.  Learn more at www.johnmaxwell.com
  • Personal issues – If you hope to succeed in a home business, you have to deal with your STUFF. I’m talking about deep-rooted fears, like the fear of failure, fear of success and fear of rejection.  You have have to break through years of self-sabotage or other self-destructive behaviors.  One common fear is speaking in front of groups.  That fear is easily overcome by joining a local Toastmasters Group—an essential first step for all home business owners. That’s how I got my start.  Another great resource is the Personal Mastery Seminar offer by Brian Klemmer.  And of course, time spent in God’s Word is the greatest healer of all – we are “transformed by the renewing of our minds”

    This subject is covered in greater depth during Week 8 of the Advanced Home Business Success Coaching Program.  You can listen in free – my gift to you.

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